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The world is constantly evolving as new technology helps organisations to become more efficient. This has led to a huge change in the way employers, colleges and training providers accept applications for job and programme vacancies. This section provides a full workshop session to enable staff who support individuals to apply for vacancies to understand the market, how to apply for vacancies and how to showcase their skills and competencies. 

The workshop will support learners to:

  • Identify what employers are looking for
  • Identiy their own skills and how to showcase them effectively
  • How to write to the job specification
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This chapter is all about supporting managers, mentors, JCP advisors, training providers and colleges to provide training and guidance to individuals who are interested in a career within the health sector, or who want to progress their current career in the health sector.
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The chapter is broken down into smaller sections:

Section 1 - Confidence Building

Section 2 - Job and Programme Search Skills  

Section 3 - Applying for a Job in the Health Sector

Section 4 - Continuing Professional Development 

Section 5 - Planning for Success 

Section 6 - Developing Mentor Skills

Section 7 - Advanced Learning Loans

Section 8 - Career Maps

Developing the confidence of individuals we work with can be difficult. An important aspect of this is supporting individuals to understand the factors that have a negative effect of their confidence and self-esteem. In this section, you will find a workshop with full resources including a facilitator guide.

The workshop will support learners to:

  • Identify the barriers or perceive barriers
  • Develop strategies to overcome barriers
  • Develop confidence and self esteem


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Download Files for Individuals


Download Files for Individuals

Having a CV that can showcase your skills and experiences, whilst not leaving viewers with too much to read is difficult to do. Sometimes it is hard for individuals to see their own skills and this can have a negative effect while applying for jobs. 

This workshop will support learners to:

  • Identify what employers are looking for
  • Identify how to sell yourself
  • Enable individuals to write a compelling CV for vacancies and how to make the most of an online application



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Learning and development is important to ensure that the knowledge and skills required for roles are maintained. In a world where technology is evolving this is even more important than ever. In the health sector roles and responsibilities are continually being reviewed and updated to support organisations to manage health care needs. CPD plays a key role in supporting organisations to ensure their staff are well trained and able to carry out their role. 

This workshop will support learners to:

  • Understand what CPD is and why is is important 
  • Understand how CPD can be used to help individuals to progress
  • Understand the value employers place in CPD

For managers it can be difficult to support employees to engage with CPD and to provide CPD opportunities that are meaningful to the workplace. 

This workshop will support employers to:

  • Identify the benefits to the organisation
  • Motivatate staff
  • Plan effective CPD through the appraisal system
  • Carry out a Cost Vs Benefit analysis 


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Planning is key to achievement of goals and aspirations but can often be daunting. Individuals can find it challenging to take a step back and look at what needs to happen first and then next to achieve the final outcome. 

This workshop will support individuals to:

  • Identify long term goals
  • Set medium and small term goals
  • Identify suitable and realistic career pathways that lead to the end point goal



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Mentoring is a method of supporting professional development. Mentors have the responsibility of working with an individual to help them to unlock and achieve their potential. Employees who are experienced, competent and good role models can make good mentors.

This workshop will support individuals who want to be a mentor to:

  • Understand the differences between the role of the Mentor and the Manager
  • Develop the skills to become an effective mentor?
  • Support long term career planning
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An Advanced Learning Loan is targeted at helping adult learners manage the cost of further education This section will give you information on Advanced Learner Loans


SECTION 7 -  Advanced Learning Loans

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Career progression can seem daunting and many individuals are unable to wade through the masses of information to effectively plan how they can move from entry level into higher paid and more sustainable employment. The careers maps break down the pathways for some of the health care career pathways, allowing individuals to see the qualifications and role development that they may be able to undertake to support development and progression. The career maps make it easy for individuals to see the benefits and return on investment at each point in the development journey.

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Click on the video  above to view. There is also the option to download the video

Click on the video  above to view. There is also the option to download the video